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push pull control cables twist lock


Industrial Push-Pull, Control Head

TGA Cables offers a full range of push-pull control cables that provide a means of transmitting linear motion from one location to another. They offer ease of installation as well as superior performance.

push-pull control head non lock


Industrial Push-Pull, Control Head

Non lock control heads are designed for remote engine shutdown/choke, latch/valve operation, and numerous other applications. These panel or bracket mounted units are intended to for light to moderate loads.

They are cost effective solutions to mechanically connecting a manual input source to a remote output, especially when space is limited or rod linkage and bell cranks are not suitable choices. Various T-handles/knobs with or without functional identifications, as well as output end configurations are available. The ordering code and technical description shows the numerous choices.

push pull control head cables


Micro Adjust, Industrial Push-Pull, Control Head

Micro Adjust control heads are ideal for remote operation of a throttle, regulating valve, or other applications needing precise adjustment capabilities. Depressing the center button allows pushing or pulling the knob to make course travel adjustments. A flexible dust seal protects the internal release mechanism.

Rotating the knob clockwise extends the output in the finite mode, and counter-clockwise retracts. Four and one-half turns results in 1″ of linear travel. The maximum recommended load is 20lbs. Normal vibration does not affect the micro adjust setting. An optional friction lock accessory is available for applications where vibration is excessive. A disconnect feature and various output end configurations are available to suit a particular application. The ordering code and technical description show these choices.

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